Once upon a time, a picture was just a picture.
Now, with TitleStory, you pick the title and your pictures tell the story.

Every story begins with a title
Select a word or phrase that captures a precious moment or marks a special occasion. Then tell your story with your pictures enhanced and protected by TitleStory, an innovative mat and frame pack.

A word’s worth of pictures
Think memories, babies, the first day of school, weddings, anniversaries or family vacations. Using a specially designed block typeface, titles are bevel cut from quality mat boards. Each letter houses a picture. Each picture is part of your story. Cover all with the selected framing unit to complete your TitleStory.

Everyone loves a good story
Display the great photos that have been relegated to your digital camera's memory card, your computer's hard drive or your boxes full of photos. Simply select your favourite pictures, choose your favourite title and start putting your story together. Titlestory frames are easy to use and re-use. There's no need for specialized equipment. You can easily change photos if you so choose. In life, some stories change. Now the pictures in your frames can too.

A fun way to display
Choose your title. Tell your story. TitleStory is a fun way to preserve and display your photographs. Whether you enjoy the creativity of scrapbooking or have a flare for home décor, TitleStory is a fresh approach to preserving your memories. What's more, all that creativity isn't buried in a book or hidden in a box. The story is proudly told for all to see.

A good story is easy to tell
The TitleStory mat and frame pack comes with a set of helpful hints and is ready to hang. All you need are your favourite pictures, a little time and a couple of wall hooks. Mats are available in up to seven different colours and come in standard sizes of 6”x 26”, 29” and 32”widths. Frames come in corresponding standard sizes complete with backing, pre-cleaned glass, flexible staples and hanging system. Nine different framing options are available. With TitleStory, the tales you tell are only limited by your own imagination. TitleStory happily accommodates special orders and customized titles.

Gift Giving tells a story, too
Looking for the ideal gift? Complete a TitleStory and give the gift of cherished memories for many special occasions:

Anniversaries Family Reunions
Graduations Mother's Day
Birthdays Father's Day
Holidays Valentine's Day

TitleStory is an easy way to tell the people you care about that you value their meaningful stories, too. Give the gift of an unfinished TitleStory to your favourite:

Sports enthusiast Bride & Groom
Travel buff New Grad
New Parents Honeymooners
Proud Grandparents