TitleStory is a comprehensive line of picture frames with a distinctive feature: letters and figures, forming a special word or phrase, are cut out of the mat with a professional bevelled edge allowing your customers to highlight their pictures in an innovative and trendy fashion.

Whether for personal use or as a special, timely gift, TitleStory responds to three important developments in the retail sector:

Home décor
Decorating with letters, signs and words is the current “in” for home fashion. TitleStory is an easy way to personalize home décor and because the product line features high quality picture framing materials, your customers are ensured durability and value for their money.

Digital photography
Digital cameras and personal computers have transformed the way the world captures and retains its memories. TitleStory offers an innovative way to showcase ever-growing collections of digital photos.

TitleStory is a creative way to display pictures without the need for specialized equipment or additional supplies.

There’s a TitleStory for every season and every occasion so the product line will stay alive on store shelves. TitleStory products can also be used for commercial purposes and as fund-raising potential for organizations. TitleStory happily accommodates special orders and customized titles so that the opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Order today and start the storytelling – every picture is a story and every story is a picture with TitleStory, from GP&S Distributors.