Promotional Aids

With every initial shipment of TitleStory units we will provide sample pieces of the actual matboard and wood mouldings in all their various colours and styles so that you can work with your customers to choose other combinations.

Also with that initial shipment, we will provide a Customer Booklet for you and your staff. The pages it contains have no information identifying G.P.& S. Distributors as the source so that you can feel free to have your customers examine it as well. In it will be the Our Story pages detailing the features and benefits of TitleStory, the Popular Collection page listing the 80 some titles which form the basis of the program, the Special Orders page highlighting the “customize-ability” of TitleStory, a Cut-outs page showing a sampling of decorative cut-outs, as well as a Mat & Frame Availability page which shows, in colour, the various mats and frame styles available.

In 13 of our best sellers we include what we call a “collage insert” as a self-selling feature. This has pictures appropriate to the title with wording to explain to potential customers what the product is about.

We have 10 different colour “collage sheets” which can be put into the appropriate frame and hung around your store to promote the look of a finished TitleStory product.

There is a custom designed wire rack display merchandiser for displaying your TitleStory product. It is two-sided, has wheels for ease of mobility and comes with a colour sign. It will accommodate over 50 units of all three basic sizes.

There is a full colour brochure for promoting the TitleStory product. We can provide copies of this brochure and you can affix your company’s information over top of ours.